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A little later than I thought I would announce this, but you know how life gets busy around this time of the year.  Thank you to all who have entered the contest, as well as a-murmuration for donating premium memberships.  It was a difficult task to narrow down three winners, and I ended up giving out 25 points to fourth place for that reason.  Either way, any questions can be directed to me by noting personally, or be noted to the group.  Enjoy your holiday season, and stay awesome :heart:


First Place: "Never mind" by andrewpom

never mindI guess it’s kind of funny, if you think about it. You always see in the movies – in the TV shows – people running and screaming and praying and stuff. That’s what Hollywood always thought it would be like. Some sort of ‘death cloud’ or something – or like an asteroid or something like that – that just happened: that just totally hit everybody by surprise.
People have known about it for months. It’s not like in the movies. The word ‘inevitability’ comes to mind: and hey, guess what? Nobody cares to run from the inevitable. It’s pretty stupid – isn’t it, if you think about it – how people, in the movies, try to run from inevitable death. Everybody has decided what they were gonna do today weeks ago, maybe even months ago. Say goodbye to family, spend time with girlfriend, et cetera et cetera. As with the Kubler-Ross effect – or whatever it's called – p

Second Place: "Confluence of Dread and Shame" by SgtPossum

Confluence of Dread and ShameHarvey Kipper knew it was coming long before anyone else. He thought that gave him an advantage.
On December 20th, 2012, he sped down an Illinois interstate in his bright red Plymouth Fury, knowing every time he saw the skies get a little grayer and the satellite radio get a little less clear that he was being vindicated. After years of warning those in his community outside Springfield that the end was nigh, after nearly a decade of being laughed at, called a loon, and suffering the misery of failed relationships, he was being proven right.
Perhaps they had had a point; perhaps his belief that there was a real connection between the works of mad shamans and the apocalyptic predictions of dozens of cultures throughout history were based in speculation alone. Perhaps it was true that the final days of humanity would not be brought about by the inconceivable events that haunted Kli'upto's dreams and at some point had formed the basis for all religions of Man, but that did not change that

Third Place: "The Last Song" by DodgingTheBeat

The Last SongDo you think we'll get a last song?
I'm not sure.  This diary I'm writing in is full of holes.  It's sopping like a wet sponge.  It reeks, but what doesn't in the filth and the mess?
Storm's passing.  Not like I've ever seen here.  Even the explosive storms of my youth; running in the fields, the junkyards, the rust-ravaged train tracks of old wasn't quite like this.  
Something's exploded against the skyline.  Orange is reflecting off the glass; the spider-striped, near shattered glass I kicked two weeks ago while mowing the grass.
It might be the gas works.  Or the chemical sheds.  Weyrdstorms do this, you know.  That's what the warnings said.  Electricity and chaos and hellish atomic confusion mixed into an atmospheric slurry and let to rage.  I ask the question because music's the one thing I'm yearning for right now.  It settles me, helps me think.  Always has, though keeping my sister's sniveling furthest from my head might be an ulterior motive.
Do I think I'm escaping this plac

Fourth Place (25 points from me coming your way!): "The end of the rooms" by feelomen

The end of the roomsI’m in my square room.
Tolling in a vast, black space
with other square rooms.
If an outsider would look at us
he would only see white dots
on a black canvas.
From inside my room I can see others, but I can’t get out.
I’m being retained, as if I were banging on a glass window.
Others come closer and leave again.
I can get control of my prison too,
I can approach others,
but I can’t get inside an other’s space.
The others don’t seem to be bothered
being in their room.
They aren’t aware of the room.
Am I the only one trying to get out?
Something weird happened today.
Until a couple of hours ago,
I saw everyone going on with their lives
as I’ve always seen them do.
But suddenly,
some people became aware of their rooms.
Not immediately,
it came very gradually.
At first,
I saw puzzled looks around me.
Not from everyone,
but from people that I regarded as sensitive or intelligent.
They sensed something even I didn’t sense.
A couple of hou
andrewpom Featured By Owner Dec 24, 2012  Student Writer
Wow, what a wonderful Christmas present! Thank you so much :blush:
Please can I ask, if it's not too late already, that my premium membership prize be given to SgtPossum, the second place candidate, instead of myself, on my behalf? He could make better use of it than me. I'm already a premium member. I wasn't really expecting to win or anything.
Merry Christmas :)
laurotica Featured By Owner Dec 26, 2012   Writer
I don't see a problem with that if you insist :) I will note =belfastrush to let her know!
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